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Laminate Type S - Solid Color,   W - Woodgrain,   D - Designer


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= Regularly Stocked Item
G = Available in Leading Edge Material For Best Matches and Lowest Prices, look for availability of Doellken/Surteco's "Leading Edge" program, available exclusively from ESI. Note that matches available in the Leading Edge program are improved matches to the specified laminate brand and color and may not match secondary laminate patterns that the standard Doellken match does.
Z = Available in Zero Joint Material Edgebanding with the Best Adhesion and Invisible Glue Lines is here at ESI with REHAU's trademark "Laser Edge" line and Doellken/Surteco's Trademark "Fusion Edge" line. These state of the art products are made of ABS material coming in a 1.2mm thickness and can ONLY be run through Hot Air, Laser, Plasma and NIR Edgebander Machines.
M = Custom Size available through Master Roll Slitting (extra shipping time & charges may apply, expedited shipping is available) Master Rolls are our Edgebanding rolls that come in widths of 3.9"or larger for running through our custom slitter machine. These rolls are cut to ANY size you need down to the 16th of an inch, whether it's listed or not. Note: any roll available in any thickness, not just master rolls that come in a size larger than needed can also be run through our slitter to be cut to whatever size is required (a minimum of 1/8" difference from original size is needed).
Roll Lengths (Unless otherwise stated by an asterisk *)
  • Thin Rolls = 600 LF
  • 1mm Rolls = 300 LF
  • 2mm Rolls = 328 LF
  • 3mm Rolls = 328 LF
Match Grades
  • A = Near Perfection
  • A- = Excellent Match
  • B+ = Great Match
  • B = Very Good
  • B- = Acceptable in Most Cases
  • C = Close only. Expect a Possible Color and/or Pattern Variation (talk to your CSR about it)

ESI's inventory is constantly being updated to include the latest colors/patterns and sizes.
If you don't see the product or the size you need, that doesn't mean we don't have it, just email us or Give Us a Call.